Common Errors of Addition, Deletion, Correction, Omission in Ration Card in Cities

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rationAs getting family ration card is difficult nowadays there are agencies cum brokers started working over for a commission for issue, correction, deletion, addition of ration cards across india. Like in bangalore the agent knows what are the necessary documents needed for new buying biometric ration card.

Sometimes these agents wrong in knowingly or unknowingly making bogus ration cards for the use of obtaining aadhaar cards but ultimately the govt finds and results in both fake ration card and fake aadhaar cards and the identity of such person may be seized. The ration card is used as one of the identity proof in getting aadhaar uidai cards. THe Unique Identification Authority of India can simply determine the false dummy ration and aadhar cards.

The service centers across the states issuing biometric ration cards are very slow or inadequate to render the ration card complainants. The higher authority of ration card service centers is Food and Civil Supply department takes incharge for the biometric issue of family card across the cities, towns, villages, districts in India.

As we all know the ration shop keepers, ration officers or officials or authorities are on no input to give exact output regarding the date, time, venue of the ration card process they are assigned. There are literate on either side like who do not how to fill file the ration card application as a ration card holder and the employee or worker who do not even know the spelling or transliteration or good handwriting to do filing theĀ  ration cards procedure.


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