Chennai Corporation Requests Residents To Give Garbage Get Gold

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garbageChennai Corporation now starting distributing free garbage waste bins to the residents on a pilot basis and it will be practiced zone wise later on.

The garbage bins are of 2 types of which one is green and the other is blue in color for segragating biodegradable & non-biodegradable waste products. The two garbage bins are of quantity of ten litres

The garbage collectors in chennai will pick all household biodegradable garbage every day.
In two times a week the non-biodegradable waste will be collected by the garbage collector. The sewage department authorities will inspect the house on surprise visit to advise the residents if any using the garbage bins for storing water, clothes, and other utilities.

There is an gold coin offer under the lucky draw scheme to the resident who handovers 1 kg of segragatted plastics and the draw will be held at corporation ward offices.
It is known that all the 5 thousand tonnes of garbage collected are duped in kodungaiyur and perungudi yards which is of nearly 65 % are recyclable.


Public can contact Chennai Corporation Helpline for Garbage  disposal in your areas in the following numbers:

Zone wise complaint Numbers:

Additional Commissioner (Works) – 25384231
EPBX – 25384510 Extn.351
Superintending Engineer(SWM) – 25367821 / 25384510 Extn.228
Executive Engineer(SWM) – 25384510 Extn.302

Also you can register your complaint online using this page:


Sadly, there is no OFFICIAL FACEBOOK page for Chennai Corporation as on date.  Hope our beloved CM AMMA will make this happen by instructing all departments to have online presence in Facebook and Twitter for receiving complaints and communicating important announcements with general public .  People may also register their complaint with CM cell for any important complaints and the feedback so far is speedy action is taken to resolve all the complaints  by respective departments.  Public are encouraged to use CM cell to register and track their complaints at –



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