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Chandigarh Villages

The city of Chandigarh started in 1952 as its foundation stone was laid. It is popularly called as “The City Beautiful”, Chandigarh is one among the advanced cities of India architectured by the French architect Le Carbusier.

The city had its name from a temple “Chandi Mandir” situated close to the city. “Chandi” is the deity – the goddess of power; “garh” meaning dwelling place, that translates into “dwelling place of the goddess Chandi.”

In the olden days, a wide lake prevailed where presently Chandigarh is with its sloping plains. 8000 thousand years ago, Harappan civilization formed in the place. Visit Chandigarh museum to invent more about the historic past of the city.

While earlier of the state of Punjab before the city came into start, the thought to form a new city was produced in the year 1948 by Government of Punjab, that was to turned as the capital of the state. In the year 1966, the city became the capital of 2 states, Punjab & Haryana and was called as a Union Territory.

Chandigarh is home to 1000s of migrants from Punjab and few other states. Prestigious educational colleges earn students from all across the world who live & learn in Chandigarh. The city has the biggest per capita income in India, having it one among the most affluent cities. The real estate industry has been continuously booming since the year 2000 with property rates now more costing than New York. The city hotels are often engaged with people, markets buzzing with customers, pleasant weather for several months all over the year, wonderful parks, well managed roads and almost twenty-four power supply are few of the causes why Chandigarh city is thronged by tourists from other parts of India and the rest of the world.