Can’t Review My First Flight Experience With Air Asia. Simply Experience It Gracefully.

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I don’t know where to start with, anyhow I will try to flow as and how it come. Confused, no worries. Yes, its about my first flight experience in the air space of India in Air Asia Airplane.

It grew from my childhood whenever (during 1980s) my mom meets a family friend Alauddin, a pilot in Indian Airlines, used to encourage me to become a pilot when I grow. May be by then I wished not to get into that field rather than fly high in aeroplane one day or the other.

As I grow as fast as economic couldn’t afford to make my wish. I am a blogger used to surf the global news whichever whenever my mind interests. It was one fine day I came across the Air Asia, a low cost budget space ship carrier announcing cheap flights tickets starting at Rs.1 as a promotional fare against their launch into Indian Sky.

Once for while for about 3 to 5 hours I went through the offers in detail considering the facts like competitive air ships like Indigo, Spice Jet, JetLite, Go Air and so on. Their price range, hidden and burden rates, check list, checkings etc etc. Atlast I finally settled booking a ticket in advance from chennai to bangalore (being a chennaite) for a Air Asia Flight Fare of Rs.500/- plus credit card processing fee of Rs.72/-.

I saved, printed, photocopied, mms ed, sms ed, messaged and did all over the documents whatever like tickets, itinerary, screenshots, booking history everything. You may ask why? Of course, I want to be on the safe side more than money I spent I should not waste my time although there was nothing official travel it is. I am new to get lifted over the land but for Rupees 500 ticket there is no insurance Insha Allah by God’s Grace We all are safe. My family recalled MH 370 Malaysian Airline mystery.

My one way journey is on 22.09.2014 as my return trip was through Brindavan Express by 3 in the same day of afternoon. First My day was depreciating, then my hour was horror, my minute was missing, finally my second was shining.

I took the very second local suburban train from nungambakkam and got down at Tirisulam at about 5.40 am on 22nd september 2014. Then took the subway leading to the Meenambakkam Indira Gandhi Domestic cum International Airport. I don’t know the venue so I took the passerby and security help nearing the check in counter.

Right at the long venue there were check in for every airline separately so it was easy for me to identify my Air Asia Check-in counter through one of the Air-Asia staff on lift. There were about 100 passengers on queue standing in their own race and religious costumes. Yes, chasing me in the queue was a chinese pax.

I had all my original and xerox copies of documents of address proof and photo identify proof like aadhaar card, electoral voter id, family ration card, bank passbook with atm card, pan card, postal address proof card, passport, and much more but the security in uniform just let me upon showing the aadhaar card within seconds.

I wondered where to go thereafter entering a very large hall. One gentle officer on knowing my signs counter-guided leading to Air Asia Desk Counter. There a young chap checked the ticket and itinerary form making some initial and advised me to rest at Gate No.4 after passing the baggage check.

The chinese girl was next to me from back, I recalled in my mind all kollywood, bollywood, hollywood movies where in airports some stranger overpowers unknowingly some innocent to get out of his / her criminal activities. So I kept a distance from her and also closing my open pockets that may give gap to drop anything.

The computerized check in baggage counter had my document pouch and physical body scanned electronically, mechanically, psychologically and manually turned negative.

Passing that I was lot of gates and the travelers standing and sitting next to the gate. I went on search of gate 4, still I doubted that there could be some charges further so as a precaution I had cash of Rs.2000 in hand. I seated waited for the announcement of final check in alike all other aeroplane that took off seeing through glass window. Oh.. frightened on seeing the glass pane that gets often broke in chennai airport is a news nowadays.

My final check let me straight direct into the flight through iron passage way. The air hostess in Air Asia uniform in red and white at her twenties cheered  a smile welcoming everyone on board but with no chocklate that’s what I thought. I was able to find my window seat. I had no fear because I set in mind not to. Almost in about 10 – 15 minutes the flight was 3/4th full.

The staff gave demonstration on belt, emergency, landing, take off and all stuff. The flight gave a small jerk signalling its motion. It turned left right wide and narrow waited to catch the main air strip that was occupied and to leave next.

Yes. Its that moment in my life the Air Asia Flight Number I51212 with booking number SB8J4J seated at 8A took high to the paradise leaving the planet earth within seconds.

I was able to see through window pitting people, tearing trains, measuring mountains, lusting lakes all getting shrink amidst the beautiful clouds covering the flight.

In just 35 minutes the flight landed Kempagowda International Airport at Bangalore, Karnataka state. In between the staff were selling peanuts, fruits juices, choclates on extra cost alike in local bus, train, and at toll plazas.

The Indian Airlines hired bus of Air Asia took us free from the air strip to the main exit of the airport. In 5 minutes I was out of air port at the Volvo bus stop that was charging Rs.275 to Railway station which is about 40 km that is too high compared to chennai to tambaram at Rs.5/- but low compared to cab charging Rs.750. However I took Rs.10 bus leaving me at highway and from there to railway station I spent Rs.55 for 2 buses.

I roamed in and around bus stand and train station close by and had mutton biriyani and bought some sweets savories for home. And by 2.30 in the afternoon I am inside the Brindavan Express. The train departed right at 3 pm and arrived chennai central perfectly at 9 pm. I took 15 B chennai to koyambedu bus to get down at Aminjikarai and within 15 minutes I am in my house with my family remembering the unforgettable moment that Air Asia gave me in my life time.

May Allah bless them all to offer more and more affordable cheap tickets from chennai to main cities in India and overseas.

Also I thank my employer and e-explorer for granting me leave on that day.

Thank You Bala Sir.

Thank You visitors for reading my blog.

Thanks a Lot.

Thank God.