Bombay High Court -Do not write ‘Dalit’ in the media report

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Dalit words can not be written in media reports anymore. The Bombay High Court has directed the Central Information Ministry in one of its directives that in the media, the word dalit should be banned. Soon after the order issued by the court, the Press Council of India will be issuing a direction for the media.

According to the sources of the broadcasting ministry, the PCI, which is the regulatory body of the print media, will soon be asked to read the Bombay High Court Judgment and after that the guidelines will be issued in the media. Let the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court tell the Central Ministry and PCI to ban the use of the term “dalit” in media reports last week.

It has been said in the court order that “the Central Government, State Governments and its workers should avoid using the word ‘Dalit’ for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes members, because this word is not mentioned in the Constitution or any law of India. In this case, PCI can issue directions on Dalit term in this case. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment had given a written order to the chief secretaries of all the states that now the use of the word dalit at the government level or anywhere will be barred.

Not only this, from the official letter to the use of the word dalit in any document was banned. As per the order given by the Madhya Pradesh High Court on January 21, the Center banned the use of the word dalit in official documents and elsewhere.

Pointing out the order passed by the Madhya Pradesh court, the Center has stopped the use of the word Dalit in all the states. According to the new order, it was now mandatory for any Scheduled Caste to write the name of his caste.

Earlier on 10 February 1982, the word Harijan was also banned by issuing the notification. There is a provision for strict punishment on speaking Harijan. It is not known now that the punishment of how many punishments have been kept after being found using the word dalit.

The ministry has clarified in a letter to the principal secretary that the mention of the word dalit does not get anywhere in the constitution. Although earlier this kind of order was issued in 1990, in which government documents had instructed the scheduled castes to write their caste only.