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Assam Villages

The province of Assam bordered in the northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent. Besides the much popular Assam tea, what does Assam fame far and broad is its diversified asset of flora and fauna doing it a hot travel spot of India. Assam is center to a total of 5 national park, the Kaziranga National Park being the main popular of them all. It is also the only national park in the nation where the Indian one-horned rhinoceros can be visited in its natural habitat.

Assam deserves a melting point for a number of tribal & non-tribal groups. The traditional diversity of the state shows a harmonious combination of different racial elements. Among the plains, Hindus form the biggest part of the population. The tribal groups generally of the Tibeto-Burmese family. Assam is a conglomeration of several colourful tribes like Bodo-Kacharis, Rabha and Hajongs, Tiwas Lalung, Misings, Sonowal Kacharis, Deuris, Karbis, Dimasa Kacharis, Rengma Naga, Zemi Naga, Kukis and the Himars.

Assam is never ever so hot. There are 4 distinct seasons namely summer, monsoon, winter & spring. During the months of October and April climate is quite. October to March, however, is the correct time to travel Assam.

Chief Cities & Towns of Assam

Guwahati – On an travel itinerary to the north east part of India, Guwahati class the least. Small wonder that the city is touted as the gateway to the northeastern part. As per the Hindu mythology, the city was the erstwhile capital of the demon ruler Narakasura. The pioneer city has large travel attractions such as the Sukreswar Temple, the Kamakhya Temple, the Basistha Ashram, the Peacock Island, the Umananda Island Temple etc.

Tezpur falls on the north bank of the mighty Brahamputra, Tezpur provides beauty surroundings and archaeological ruins for the tourists. Verdant valleys with a proper backdrop of the snow-laden Himalayan peaks is really a sight to enjoy. Tezpur has straight air link from Kolkata. Sightseeing comprises the Cole Park, the Mahabhairab Temple, Agnigarh, the Bamuni Hills, the Hazara Pukhuri, Bhomoraguri etc.

Dispur was formed as the capital of Assam in the year 1973. The different topography of the place is no less attraction. It’s a suburb of the Guwahati district.

Foaming rivers, beautiful blue hills, savage terrains and the tranquil nationside have given scale to a many adventure activities, pulling in a big number of vacationers from far & wide. River rafting apart from the Brahamputra tributaries Manas, Jia Bhoroli & Kapili is a best option for adventure lovers. Other adventure sports adds mountain biking, trekking, para sailing, hang gliding etc.

The Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoi Airport is at Guwahati is one of the aiport in the state of Assam. The Indian Airlines and few other private airlines function regular local flights from here linking to the main cities of the country.