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Arunachal Pradesh Villages

The lowely populated province of Arunachal Pradesh positioned on the northeastern corner of the Indian subcontinent. The state borders Assam & Nagaland on its south, Bhutan westward, Tibet on its north and Myanmar on its east side. Arunachal Pradesh is diversified into flora and fauna, deep river valleys and the scenic sights that makes the state a much loved and desired destination for the tourists & vacationers.

The historical image of the state, however, is not very crystal. And there are officially no records except few oral literature and old ruins. The place was inhabited by tribal peoples. In the sixteenth century, the region was controlled by the Ahom kings. The tribes were almost the Daflas, the Bangnisand, the Monpas, influenced by Buddhist motifs & ideals. Some tribal groups were the Tagin, the Miri, the Apatanis etc. The Membas, the Ramos, the Boris, constituted minor tribal groups.

Weather conditions differ based on the topography. The state finds a hot and humid subtropical climate in the south part. Heading towards the middle regions the climate develops cooler whereas the greater reaches it is alpine. However, the best time to travel the scenic visions of the Arunachal Pradesh is from October to April.

Chief Cities & Towns
Bomdila is lied at an elevation of 8000 ft, the small phenomenal city of Bomdila provides best views of the snow-laden Himalayan ranges. The Buddhist monastery of Bomdila is one among the several attractions that calls in tourists and travellers to this section of the nation.

Daporiji situated on the river banks of the Subansiri, is perfect for trekking & angling. One too can also move towards a proper group of caves that are landed just some kilometres away. The region can be gone by bus either from Itanagar through Ziro or from Likabali via Bazaar.

Itanagar is the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, is circled with small wonderful earthquake proof buildings rising up the slopes of the verdant hills. These wood-built structures are highly a sight to behold. The Ita Fort and the Raj Bhawan are famous places of interests. And if you are curious to head a few distance away from the city, there are many attractions such as the Buddhist Temple, the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the Ganga Lake and much more. No wonder, there are lot of adventure tasks in store as well.

Malinithan lies at the foot of the Siang Hills, Malinithan is a sandstone temple place. As a place of devotion, the town earns a big number of worshippers and tourists. Heading 5 km away from here, you will fall across the Akashi Ganga Waterfalls, while pilgrims can be seen making their holy dips.

Following are the list of villages in Arunachal Pradesh that are famous for tourism