Ariyalur District Village Demands List

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SU Vehicles crash bus stop in ariyalur village varanavasi killing two on spot. Ariyalur Police rescue two migrants mistakenly identified as child-lifters. Google maps will assist CAG filter quarry exploitation in ariyalur villages. Constables to think pulse of village under fresh moves. Cement lorries left trail of death in Ariyalur villages. These are the crime news leading to non-availability of instant health care centers in ariyalur district.

Ariyalur District Village Demands List

Is a village with no 5 thousand populace is wise men’s choice? However there are even residents up to 1000 in India. This is what the bunch of villages with a central village is a must. No fine is a village without crucial objects to sustain and come up. Gandhi’s insight ought to be an exemption currently and pitch into technology and medicine of together Western and Indian. A village requires thrive only when it commits itself to primary matters resembling health care, hygiene & education.

Village Panchayat in Ariyalur

A village panchayat requires to be strong sufficient as with no which a village can’t raise. Panchayat is answerable for taking verdicts and use them. It also funds and monitors the financial force of the village.

Village Co-Operative in Ariyalur

There is a task key to Village Co-operatives answerable for the raise of rural sector. Co-operatives credit to the cultivators is the most sought object by the cultivators for farming. Almost ninety-seven percent of Indian villages get loans given by its associates or regime. Because of the misconduct of the co-ops and lack of stimulus the villages go fall. Let us not argue that for currently. Women are wanted to acquire part in village co-operatives. The co-operative value has to estimated to its best whether a person building a village lone handedly or not.

Power & Water in Ariyalur Villages

Power is served to most villages currently by the ministry of power. At the same occassion, solar power is most benefitting one need to gaze at. It transforms village irrigation and conjugal requires so put it on top of it. But solar energy production requires exorbitant funding. If villages need to survive by farming then irrigation requires to work.

Village Health Care in Ariyalur

Prime Health care is crucial necessity of any country and Sri Lanka is best in introducing to its villages. India’s villagers duly depend on health care and medical facilities up to 70%. This ought to amend by deputing 1 or 2 man health centers to start with.

Hygiene in Ariyalur Villages

Hygiene, drinkable water, and civic toilets are inextricable objects in man’s daily life.

Village Education in Ariyalur

Education in India begins in villages when map out. Overcrowded schools in few villages of Arunachal Pradesh; low attendance in lot of village schools athwart the state of Bihar, and UP, fall of primary schools in some villages. Expecting close relatives to send their kids to schools is their mindset.

Village Infrastructure in Ariyalur

Infrastructure & roads accessibility to city places and villages requires to be done. A village with no online activities can’t stand as a glass to the world.

Banks & Post Offices in Ariyalur Villages

Banks & Post office of the central regime will rapidly enclose the Indian Post disbursement Bank effects sufficient impact on villages when it is operated subsequently year. India will rapidly enclose 5000 ATMs from the Indian postal department athwart the villages in the country. The scheme Ayushman Bharat of 3rd party insurance from the bank end will facilitated rapidly. IPPB serves as best online tool to disburse central & state govt. dues and bills of educational institutions. A village will transform its business execution mode with such a facility rapidly. Villages ready to face the immense crisis they face through the commitment from state and central regime level.

Caste System in Ariyalur Villages

If caste system is the strongest fence to break, villages ought to be ready.
Throw a pebble and get into the neighboring village this is in fact the villages in India. A ghetto village is one such whose citizens are shielded from using crucial requires from the company villages. One can’t step in even, so a detour is made to go to other place. The social activities of the Hindus in Hindu temples are banned to the villagers of the ghetto village.

Ariyalur Village Model

The village panchayat adopts a holistic aim on lot of tasks joining with society groups in charge for dynamic aspects of the village economy and social development. The society-based units in the name of women’s thrift groups, adolescence clubs, and milk dairy society are to be emphasized. The village panchayat focus fully on family planning and reforestation. Many awareness programs and necessary coerces were constantly organized. The village gram sabha started a watershed raise program. The village analyzes the yearly water assessment to make more efficient and equitable management of water resources.

Adhanakurichi Suthamalli
Alathiyur T.Palur
Anandavadi T.Sholankurichi (North)
Asaveerankudikkadu T.Sholankurichi (South)
Ayanathathanur Thaluthalaimedu
Irumbilikurichi Thandalai
Keezhamaligai Thathanur(East)
Kilimangalam Thathanur(West)
Kulumur Thenkatchiperumalnatham
Manakkudaiyan Thirukalappur
Manapathur Udayanatham (East)
Maruvathur Udayanatham (West)
Nagalkuzhi Udayarpalayam
Nakkampadi Udayavarthiyanur
Namangunam Uliyankudi
Paranam Ulkottai (North)
Periyakurichi Ulkottai (South)
Pilakurichi Valaikurichi
Ponparappi Vanathirayampattinam
Sannasinallur Vangudi
Sendurai Varadarajanpettai
Sirkalathur Variyankaval
Sirukadambur Vembukudi
Thalavoi (North) Venmankondan (East)
Thalavoi (South) Venmankondan (West)
Tular Vethiyarvettu
Unjini Vilandai (North)
Vanjinapuram Vilandai (South)
Alagapuram Alagiyamanavalam
Amanakkanthondi Alanduraiyarkattalai
Ammbappur Ammenabath
Anaikudam Andipattakkadu
Andimadam Annimangalam
Angarayanallur (East) Ariyalur
Anikudichan (North) Ariyalur (North)
Anikudichan (South) Arungal
Authukurichi Avansuthamalli
Ayyur Ayanathur
Cholamadevi Chinnapattakadu
Devamangalam Edayathankudi
Devanur Elakurichi
Edaayankurichi Elandakudam
Edanganni Govindapuram
Edayar Guruvadi
Elaiyur (East) Illuppaiyur
Elaiyur (West) Kadugur
Elayaperumalnallur Kallankurichi
Eravangudy Kamarasavalli
Govindaputhur Kandiratheertham
Guruvalapparkovil Karaiyavetti
Irugaiyur Karuppilakattalai
Jayankondam Karuppur (Senapathy)
Kadambur Kavanur
Karaikurichi Kayarlabath
Kattagaram (North) Keelaiyur
Kattagaram (South) Keelakolathur
Kattathur (North) Keezhakavattankurichi
Kattathur (South) Keezhapalur
Keelakudiyiruppu Kovil Esanai (East)
Keelanatham Kovil Esanai (West)
Kodalikaruppur Kovilur
Kodangudi (North) Kulamanickam (East)
Kodangudi (South) Kulamanickam (West)
Kodukkur Mallur
Koovathur (North) Manjamedu
Koovathur (South) Melapalur
Kulothunganallur Nagamangalam
Kundaveli (East) Oriyur
Kundaveli (West) Ottakoil
Kuvagam Palinganatham
Managethi Papanacheri
Marudur Periyanagalur
Melur Periyathirukonam
Muthuservamadam Poondi
Naduvalur (East) Pottaveli
Naduvalur (West) Pudupalayam
Nayaganaipriyal Pungankuzhi
Olaiyur Rayampuram
Pappakudi (North) Reddipalayam
Pappakudi (South) Sannavur (North)
Parukkal (East) Sannavur (South)
Parukkal (West) Sathamangalam
Periakrishnapuram Sennivanam
Periyavalayam Siruvalur
Pilichikuzihi Sullangudi
Pirancheri Thelur
Pitchanur Thirumanur
Rangiyam Thirumazhapadi
Sathambadi Thuthur
Silumbur (North) Vadugapalayam
Silumbur (South) Valajanagaram
Siluvaicheri Varanavasi
Sooriyamanal Vathiyur
Sripurandan (North) Venganur
Sripurandan (South) Vilangudi
Sriraman Vilupanankurichi

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