Are Virtual Aadhaar ID Numbers Are Safe in Hands of Layman?

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Not only the banks and income tax but also the private agencies also have commenced asking Aadhaar number of their customers to know their identity. Ending march, however, people will find an option not to make so. Customers will be able to share only a Virtual ID. A Virtual ID is a every time temporary, revocable 16-digit random number that is associated with the Aadhaar number.

The users can generate, retrieve & revoke their Virtual ID number from UIDAI official portal, mAadhaar mobile app / Aadhaar enrolment venues.

The temporary virtual identity will offer only simple information to the authorized agencies. For any type of verification, just name, address and specimen photo will be parted so as to minimize the number of people who will find your Aadhaar number.

At any provided point in time, there will be just one active and applicable Virtual ID for any Aadhaar number.

The Virtual ID is always revocable and a resident can generate as many Virtual IDs. However the older ID would ultimately go expired as the fresh one is generated.

As the Virtual ID is temporary, agencies cannot use it to remove duplicates or ghost beneficiaries from their data. They will however require Aadhaar to make this.

Only Aadhaar number holders are potential to produce a Virtual ID. Identities such as Authentication User Agency, AUA & KUA, KYC User Agency cannot generate Virtual ID on Aadhaar holder’s behalf.

UIDAI will fix a least validity period for Virtual ID and the user can replace their ID every time.

All the authorization agencies & e-KYC services should ensure Aadhaar number holders are able to utilize Virtual ID. From 1st June, 2018, it will be mandatory for authorized agencies to agree virtual ID for authentication.

UIDAI has also launched another app known as ‘Limited KYC’ offers need-based or limited particulars of a user to an authorised agency.

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