Agencies Accept 16 Digit Temporary Aadhaar Card Virtual Numbers

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For more privacy of Aadhaar customers, the Unique Identification Authority of India has devised a time being 16 digit virtual ID for Aadhaar residents. This can be utilized inlieu of Aadhaar numbers for authentication causes. The fresh process, centered at decreasing instances of leak & misuse of Aadhaar nos., will be in effect from March end.

Users can provide aadhaar Virtual ID to service rendering agents along with the fingerprint during authentication. The system made Virtual identity will be mapped to the individual’s respective Aadhaar number itself at the back end. It will also avoid the want for the subscriber to give full Aadhaar number for any authenticiy. And no more giving aadhaar numbers to all agencies.

According to the UIDAI, agencies who have undertake authentication would not be permitted to produce the Virtual ID on behalf of Aadhaar cardholder.

The UIDAI has been suggesting all agencies who have authenticated and eKYC services to make sure Aadhaar residents can give only the 16-digit Virtual ID inplace of Aadhaar number within their application.

Those people who are apt with technology can make this. For illiterate and layman to internet it is somewhat a difficult task without the help of others.

So far uidai has captured 119 crore biometric identifiers. Aadhaar works as an identity proof of residents by different government and non-government entities.

For example, the govt. has done it compulsory for checking bank account and PAN to swipe out black money and get unaccounted wealth to reserve. The same for SIM has been compulsion to know the identity of cellular phone users.

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