5 Things you can do to build a better financial future ~ Homemaker’s recipe for financial stability

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I have been dwelling on the word “housewives” for a while now, nothing wrong with that, but there is this nagging feeling of “Shouldn’t I be doing something more?”. I am certainly content with the housekeeping and baby sitting, as you all know baby sitting one’s one kids all the time can be challenging yet rewarding in ways you can only experience. Then there comes the thought of a shaky future if this beautiful picture were to be shattered for some reason. Am I ready for it? Of course not, but want to take this occasion to think about it. This was partly inspired by one of the Indus ladies forum thread



1. Training

Get back to the board, what ever degree you hold am sure you are practically out of touch with it. So getting a training full time or online is the best way to get started to be back into the career world. This is an absolutely wonderful time to think about what you want to do. If you have a degree but always wished to do something else, please give it a try. You will need some training first, the web has a lot of resource.


2. Saving

As a family you will have to discuss with your husband about what you would like to do in the event of a mishap or job loss. What ever works for your family. Most do a life insurance, some do investments, some set aside cash for special reasons.

This will give you a peace of mind and give you some time to regroup yourself in case such a thing happens.


3. Communicating

While most of us may be very well educated with good college degrees I see that there is a lack of efficiency when it comes to  language and communication. Language and communication may be intertwined but is important to understand the difference. Expressing your thoughts effectively to the other person(s) and understanding what they are expressing is communication. Language is just the medium. In today’s world, English is the language of trade and requirements at most offices. So now that you have the time for it, please check for various classes at community centers that offer cheaper lessons.


4. Networking

I cannot not emphasize enough on this. If you are going to be in the job market or starting your own business, you should know ‘people, people and people’. Your contacts are your customer base and opportunity source all in one. So the next time you are at a social event, may be at your kids school, or language classes, please introduce yourself. Prepare a small 3-4 line to talk about yourself so your not caught off guard.


5. Joy de vivre  (The Joy of living)

There are so many things that may/ may not happen, but one is sure and in your hands, is to relish this day. Where ever your future may take you, being at peace and eternally thankful is all where it starts. Read books, do yoga, listen to many music, inspiring speeches. If you are happy you can achieve anything.


All the best!!!

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