5 simple tips to boost your Memory


1. Focus, focus, focus

         We would all like to think we are very good at multitasking. It is a trait desirable at many organizations especially in the computer industry. The best way to multitask requires setting aside some time for focusing on one task at a time. This allows your brain to process your thoughts which makes for easier storage and retrieval. So take time to think about the one thing you are trying to remember.


2. Tether your thoughts

Tether your thoughts with related ideas. In other words link them with related tasks or names/images. You can link them to personalized dates and or names. Link facts or things you are trying to memorize to dates like birth dates or anniversaries.

Some people find it easier to associate names with images, think “Varsha” for rainy day etc.

 3. Jot it down

Writing thoughts, ideas down will help your brain to retain and recall information well. Take notes of your thoughts whenever possible, keep running lists for groceries, electronics etc.


4. Acronym for all ages

This is an age old trick to train your brain. Show your creative side, break down your lists into smaller sections and make acronyms out of them. This will also help you to retain the sequence in which you want to order your items. FACO can be your own little secret acronym for “fish, almonds, chicken, oil”.

5. Eat, sleep and exercise

       Last, but not least nothing can substitute a balanced diet combined with a good night’s sleep and yoga. You will want to keep your body and mind equally fresh to memory over time.